Personalized remarketing


SALESmanago Marketing Automation system has been integrated with RTB network, which enables you to reach your prospect with personalized message that can be displayed on virtually any website. In this way you are able to deliver your offer to users who have left your website and do not respond to emails.

The ads displayed may be adjusted on the basis of

  • Behavioural data
  • Transactional data
  • Sales process stage

Effects of use

This integration has a very wide scope of applicability. Your sales and marketing strategy must rely on personalization and adjustment of each sales and marketing message to individual preferences of your prospects.

  • Information concerning the user identified as interested may be used to place tailored offers in advertising networks by adjusting their content to the offers already viewed by this particular prospect
  • The stage of the sales funnel the prospect has reached
  • Segment or data provided by ERP/CRM systems

Customer Reference

„Marketing Automation supports many marketing actions of the company and it performs all tasks automatically. We really like the e-mail creator. You can use templates, which makes creating e-mails quick and efficient.”
Anna Wojtan, Marketing Specialist – Dekordia

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