Responsive content wizards

Newsletters Drag &Drop Creator

Intuitive creator of email messages for marketing campaigns. As it uses drag&drop and set of ready-to-use widgets, it’s easy in edition and styling that even layperson can create professionally-looking newsletter. Which will automatically adapt to recipient’s screen size. RWD has become available in standard for everyone.

These two solutions gives marketers what they need most today: easy creators for making fully responsive creations.

Newsletter Creator – responsive e-mails in SALESmanago

Creator allows for building messages based on columns and rows, into which we insert widgets, filled with content and editable to styling. Therefore we start creating a new message from choosing a template. By default message is 600 px in width, but that parameter can be changed, as well as background of the site and creation itself.

  • Header – purely textual widget for adding main subject line of an email. Allows for styling content: from font, size, color to its layout
  • Text – adds bigger amount of text. Contains full text editor
  • Image – place for graphic, allows to automatically round corners or changing each image’s shape into oval
  • Image and text – widget available in two variants: with image either on right or on left
  • Divider – adds horizontal separating line. Its shape, thickness and color can be adjusted
  • Button – inserts buton in one from four sizes. Label, color and corner rounding can be adjusted
  • Automatic opt-out – contains traditional unsubscription fomula with appropriate link

Complete message

Message is built from columns, rows where widgets come, and then, finally, from text and graphics. Thanks to that procedure we can be sure that the message will always be displayed properly. Below sample of responsive e-mail:

Landing Pages and Forms Drag &Drop Creator

Easy creator of landing pages and contact forms on website uses drag&drop technology and offers set of predefined layouts and widgets. Thanks to that you don’t require any technical knowledge to build fully responsive landing page or contact form and contact acquired with it will be automatically included in further sales and marketing actions.

Landing Pages and Contact Forms – responsive creations for contact acquiring

Creator allows to build a landing page based on columns and rows, into which we insert widget. Then we add appropriate content and style at will. Creation size by default is 850px (width). Preliminary configuration of landing page involves choosing width, color, image in the background and framing.

  • Form – allows to add contact forms with any amount of fields which can be marked as “required” and edit at will
  • Header – inserts space for header. Its content can be styled or shaped with predefined styles
  • Text – main content widget. You can add any amount of text in it and then style it with editor
  • Image – place for graphic, allows for automatic corner rounding or reshaping each image into oval
  • Image and text – combination of image and text in 2 columns, available in 2 configurations
  • Divider – adds horizontal separating line. It is available in a couple of variants and you can choose its color and width
  • Button – adds button in one of 4 sizes. Style and text on the button can be edited.

Ready to go landing page with registration form

It’s features don’t vary much from email creator. Main difference is an additional widget – Registration form. Thanks to it you will create a form automatically integrated with SALESmanago. It means that each contact acquired will be transferred to the system and monitored. You can define required fields and style form and buttons on your own, according to your company’s visual.

Preview on various devices

Just like in email creator, preview of creation on various devices is available in 3 options. Preview allows to see precisely how creation will be displayed on screens of various width.

  • Computer – standard computer screen, creation displayed in full width
  • Tablet – creation displayed in standard resolution for most tablets
  • Smartphone – creation display in minimal width available for mobile devices

Effects of use

  • Fully responsive newsletters, email campaigns and landing pages
  • Easy to use tool to prepare complete creations
  • Possibility to edit prepared creations
  • Possibility of creating form integrated with the system without any technical knowledge
  • Easy implementation on one’s own domain
  • Free hosting on system domain
  • Short time from planing to starting campaign

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