Your Marketing

SALESmanago system is a complex tool which combines such modules as: email marketing, mobile marketing, website marketing, automation processes, social media, dynamic content A/B/X tests, contact management and analytical dashboards.

Your Marketing enables real-time controling of all actions within main functionalities, analyzing the level of use of main areas and monitoring marketing department’s work progress. Automatic calculations of statistics enable e.g. to gather information on the number of active automation rules, campaign workflow, created email messages, ongoing Facebook Ads campaigns, conducted tests of personalized website banners or configured analytical dashboards.

It also contains tips on ways of using given system functions. You may find ready suggestions, with links to help, useful to be implemented, that enable simple configuration of particular features.

Your marketing is an ideal tool for both those who only start working on the system, as well as for experienced marketing automation specialists.

Benefits for users:

  • Monitoring actions in SALESmanago system
  • Percentage analysis of all available modules
  • Tips on ways of using main features
  • Quick redirecting to given functionality settings screen
  • Automatic calculation of all active functions in the system
  • No need to configure the dashboard
  • Possibility to customize the dashboard to your own needs

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