Features and solutions list


Digital Body Language

Identification and monitoring of the contacts behaviour on your website
Monitoring of behaviour in social media
Identification of companies visiting your website
Monitoring of the contacts behaviour in mobile app (APPmanago)

Contacts Management (CRM)

360 degree customer view
Contacts segmentation
Lead Scoring
Data migration
Automatic reports

Sales Management

Email Marketing

Creation of email marketing campaign
Advanced options of addressing messages
Types of email marketing campaigns
Personalization of messages
Sent messages analytics
Dedicated solutions

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Automation (APPmanago)
SMS/VMS marketing
SALESmanago Mobile Aplication

Website Marketing

Content website personalization
Lead generation and conversion of anonymous contacts

Social Media

Publications in Social Media
Automatic Sales Chat - era of an artificial intelligence
Facebook Ads Integration
Facebook lead generation

Ad Remarketing

Marketing Automation Processes

Automation processes
Campaign management and sales funnels
Next best offer and predictive marketing
Marketing Analytics
Customer Acquisition
Active Customer
Customer Reactivation

eCommerce NextGen Marketing Automation

Anonymous Marketing Automation



Marketing Automation A/B/X Testing

Additional Advanced Marketing Automation Extensions

Administration And User Accounts Management

Integrations and Connectors

CRM systems
eCommerce platforms
Other integrations


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