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eCommerce NextGen – dynamic e-mails and product recommendations

eCommerce NextGen Marketing Automation – How it works

Customer Behavioural Profile

We know what products are clicked and viewed by the identified customer on your Online Store

Product Recommendation
& Next Best Offer Engine

Dynamic 1-to-1 emails sent after visit of your customer to your website

Dynamic widgets with product suggestions on your Online Store

Unique marketing automation solution and recommendation engine for Online Stores

SALESmanago NextGen module is a complete solution for every online store. It provides analytics to gather information about which products and categories interest each particular user. Such knowledge can be utilized to create dynamic email messages and banners on the website. You will design these easily in our new intuitive drag&drop creators.

Most advanced eCommerce technology, that you can implement in 30 minutes in your online store.

Unique customer behaviour and interest analysis – New Generation Digital Body Language

The system analyzes website viewability thanks to marking its elements with SALESmanago Web Beacons. That way it can identify which elements a particular user viewed and build his profile based on what he watched. The technology enriches traditional behavioral analytics, which relies only on clicks, with data about what given customer views on the website.

The module collects data:

  • For individual users and for the whole base,
  • For particular products and for categories,
  • Per day, per week and per month.

Automated analysis delivers the following results:

  • Recognizing most often watched and clicked products and categories (both for individual contact and for the whole base),
  • Identifying which products are viewed together (and clicked together), so for each product we can match ones that often go along with it (are viewed, clicked or bought with it).

Product Recommendation Engine and Next Best Offer Engine

Basing on information gathered, NextGen for E-commerce module allows designing dynamic messages and banners with recommendations with easy drag&dropping creator. When developing a new dynamic element we determine on what basis product will be chosen in a given widget. Products might be chosen in two areas.

    Advanced product retargeting

  • Product last clicked by the user
  • Product last viewed by the user
  • Product most clicked by the user
  • Product most watched by the user.
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Advanced “Next Best Offer” recommendation based on last viewed and clicked product:

  • Similar product most often clicked by other users
  • Similar product most often viewed by other users.

In one message or on one banner we can put any amount of recommended products.

Dynamic e-Mails: How it works and how to implement them using our simple wizard

What is a dynamic email message? It combines traditional message template and modern technology of personalizing its content according to user’s behavior. It means that at the moment of sending system automatically picks products to be put in the message, basing on previously set rules. In E-commerce NextGen creating such messages has been extremely simplified. The creator allows building it easily step-by-step and setting the time of sending

The message can be sent automatically when:
  • User visits the website or a given URL
  • User doesn’t visit the website or a given URL for a pre-defined period of time
We can send the message traditionally, addressing it as to standard message to a segment or to a whole contact base.

Website Product Recommendations: How it works and how to implement them using our simple wizard

Product recommendations utilize the same mechanisms as dynamic emails. They are implemented in the websites to present offer to visitors in the most personalized way. Products are personalized both for identified users (whose contact data and behavioral profile are collected in the system) and for anonymous users (basing on their current visit or on their whole history).

There is also a dedicated creator for such recommendations. Developing a new banner is easy, quick and intuitive. It produces a code that must be pasted on the website in the place in which you want your recommendation banner.

Benefits for user:

  • Possibility of creating any amount of dynamic emails and recommendation banners,
  • User-friendly and intuitive creators with drag&drop editors,
  • Access to analysis of changes in customer’s profile and of whole database’s evolution over given period of time,
  • Possibility of recommending products which particular user viewed with products viewed by users who viewed the same products, in form of banners (frames with products) and emails,
  • Possibility of recommending products bought by other users, along to these purchased by given customer, with dynamic email messages and banners,
  • An accurate measure of the attractiveness of particular products, what helps recognize shopping trends and optimize supply procedures.

Customer Reference

„We’d like to express our gratitude for your flawless support. Especially the speed of responses is amazing and not very common these days. Also, relevancy of the information about the system that is provided is great. In comparison with other services we are using you’re at the top.”
Petr Kunát, Company Administrator, Knihcentrum

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