Marketing Calendar

The SALESmanago calendar is much more than a mere time organiser. Not only does it provide information on past activities, but also helps in task management and more, allowing for quick planning and campaign automation.

How does
the SALESmanago calendar work

The calendar is a very simple tool that will greatly improve the efforts of sales and marketing teams. Automatic data downloading helps save time, while simplified mailing makes campaign management a breeze.

Traders can plan emailing customers and oversee communication processes with surprising ease. Marketers, on the other hand, can quickly decide on optimal times for mailing and sending newsletter. Marketers can also monitor the growth of their contact database by taking a brief look at the calendar and accessing current import statistics.

User benefits:

  • Ability to supervise the implementation of planned email marketing activities at any time
  • Instant accessibility of full statistics reports on conducted mailing
  • Ability to view and oversee the database in real time by monitoring data import/export processes in SALESmanago
  • Ability to supervise work efficacy by monitoring activities of specific users
  • Easy to filter email marketing activity preview

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