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Welcome to SALESmanago,

We are helping digital marketers in delivering real value to companies and managing more and more comples online marketing world. Transforming marketing departments from cost to real profit centres.

We have created the world’s most innovative marketing automation platform for Ecommerce, B2C and B2B companies of all sizes. Our software enables our customers to achieve outstanding sales results by implementing a complete range of automated and personalized marketing in a multichannel environment.

SALESmanago Marketing Automation provides an easy to implement next generation solutions that redefine the way traditional marketing tools are used. We are always going above and beyond the expectations regarding the capabilities of email marketing, dynamic & personalized website content, social media marketing, online advertising, and mobile marketing. Our unique methodology are done by powering them by the real-time flow of customer behavioral and transactional data.

Our goal is to create a product that empowers its users to implement any kind of marketing processes they desire. This is done by working with our customers every step of the way and customizing SALESmanago to their most specific needs.

We understand that software is not all. Each of our customers gets dedicated specialized support from our Marketing Automation Specialist that helps in designing the processes and proactively helping in the implementation. We are proud to play a part in your marketing and working with you to achieve your desired business outcomes.


  • Over 6000 customers in 40 countries, majority of them are Ecommerce and B2C companies
  • Key customers: Amrest, Orange, WWF, Yves Rocher, Timberland, Aviva, ToysR US, Praktiker
  • Over 300 mln e-mail addresses managed in SALESmanago by the customers
  • Employment of 250 people in New York, London, Cracow, Warsaw and Bucharest
  • Founded in 2011, Investors: 3TS (Cisco, EIF, EBRD, OTP, Sitra, 3i and KfW), Integer
  • Over 500 reselling partners all over the world and sales offices in 20 countries
  • Key Products: SALESmanago Marketing Automation, APPmanago Mobile Marketing Automation
  • ranks SALESmanago as world’s TOP6 marketing automation solution
  • Venturebeat ranks SALESmanago as global marketing automation leader in B2C and SMB


Grzegorz Błażewicz

Greg Blazewicz – Founder & CEO – over 15 years of experience in digital marketing. His career started in marketing agencies in New York and London. For 6 years held position of Marketing Director at Comarch – one of the largest European IT solutions provider. In 2006 nominated a CEO of Interia, one of the largest horizontal internet portal in Europe listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange employing over 250 people and led the sale of the portal to one of the world’s largest media groups Bauer Media in 2008. Since then entrepreneur from the beginning involved in creating software for marketing teams, the result of which is SALESmanago Marketing Automation. In 2014 he was a finalist of EY Entrepreneur of the Year contest.

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Konrad Pawlus

Konrad Pawlus – Co-founder and CTO – started his professional career over 10 years ago when he became involved in the development of unique solutions for financial forecasting based on econometric models. In 2005 he joined Software Development Department in an Ireland-based office of OpSource, to take charge of OpSource Cloud™ application and SaaS billing solutions. In 2009 Konrad was hired by Sabre, the largest global software provider, where as Technical Team Leader he coordinated the development of one of the largest travel and tourism portals Virtually There. His next appointment was as Software Development Supervisor managing the Traveler Notification Center project involving tens of airlines from all over the world. Konrad Pawlus is an enthusiastic practitioner of agile methodology. At SALESmanago he heads Software Development Team – a group of top-class engineers and programmers developing IT solutions for marketing automation.

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Marek Broda

Marek Broda – COO and Management Board Member – graduated in International Relations at Cracow University of Economics. He started his adventure with Benhauer in 2012 as a salesman. Then he moved to the marketing department and in the end, from the CMO he became a COO in May 2015. After hours, he panics when fixed car works smooth, and there is no screw left in the garage.

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Creating friendly workplace

We try to create great environment for our teams with space not only for work but also socializing, relax and pure fun. Our people enjoy free fresh fruit, play box, table football and take part in free yoga classes that take place in the evenings at our offices. In July 2016 in the groundfloor we opened Food&People bistro. It’s a place where we can eat well , drink delicious coffee and also meet with interesting people from the the marketing world and not only …

Our people

Currently at SALESmanago we employ over 250 people all over the world. We create unique multinational environment of exceptionally motivated and experienced specialists in all areas of our business. Meet them personally.

Katarzyna Mika – Marketing Automation Projects Director. She has been working at Benhauer for two years. Graduated in Sociology at Jagiellonian University, comes from Lubliniec. In her free time, she organizes startup events and reads passionately. Now she also learns hand lettering and creates her own jewelry.

Piotr Uryga – IT Director. Graduate from Business High School in Nowy Sacz. At Benhauer from its beginning. He is responsible for managing the IT team, developing key features and system stability. Until recently he knew every line of SALESmanago code. Privately he is interested in motorization, toys for grown-ups and new technologies. He decided to pursue a career in IT because he failed as a bodybuilder.

Aleksander Skałka – Marketing Automation Strategy Director. At Benhauer since 2010; he was one of the first employees. Comes from Cracow and graduated in Sociology at Jagiellonian University. He loves fantasy books, specializes in sad, mournful music and sings at a heavy metal band. Until recently he engaged in extreme sports. But deep inside, he is a true romantic.

Bartosz Kotulski – Comes from Tarnow, loves Cracow. Works at SALESmanago from 2012. At the beginning he was responsible for sales at Polish market, now he leads the international sales team. Graduated in International Relations at Jagiellonian University. He likes when a lot happens around, so the dynamics of work at Benhauer suits him perfectly. In his free time, he plays guitar or goes out of the city with a bunch of friends. Loves sports, music from 70. and capitalism.

Renata Gerlach – Renata has been a Business Development Manager for three years and specializes in complex sales service of clients from tourism and hotel business. She also acquires and builds relationships with SMB and corporate clients. She has a rich experience in digital marketing. Graduated in Polish Philology at Pedagogical University in Cracow. Her hobbies? Volleyball, travel, and crime novels.

Mateusz Ossowski – Mateusz develops and manages sales department in Warsaw. Has been working at Benhauer since 2014. Before that, he was an iron fixer, digital marketer, and web and app developer. He escapes from work and the internet to diving and exploring shipwrecks down the Baltic Sea. He also helps others develop that passion as an instructor. Loves cycling trips around Kampinos Forest and is a Legia Warszawa fan.

Radosław Gawlas – In SALESmanago, he is the Head of the International Partners Department. At Benhauer since 2013. During this period, he has successfully implemented the system for the companies like Ramsat, Enea S.A., Megastore S.A., Wisła Kraków S.A., or the biggest Ukrainian e-commerce Yakaboo. In private life, he is an American studies graduate and a keen fan of Wisła Kraków football team. He comes from Brenna – a picturesque place in Silesian Beskids and has lived in Krakow for the last 8 years.

Magdalena Rachowicz – She studied Spanish Philology and Politology at Pedagogical University in Cracow, then she replaced piano keyboard for a computer one and began to work at Benhauer in August 2015. Now she is a Marketing Manager. What she loves about the job is contact with people and unexpectedness that forces her to find new solutions all the time.

Agnieszka Orlik – As a part of Warsaw team, Agnieszka works since September 2015, where she is a Product Manager in the Sales Department. As a client’s needs-recognizing expert, she actively expands business relationships and negotiates agreements. After hours, Agnieszka studies sociology and specializes in Marketing, Advertisement and New Media in Collegium Civitas. Because of her huge self-distance, she performs at the theatre of improvisation.

Katarzyna Buras – Katarzyna is Senior Product Manager, Renata Gerlach’s right hand. In Benhauer since July 2014. She used to sell the original Italian pizza, fashionable clothing, and now she switched to another exclusive product – SALESmanago. She’s into fashion and art, and used to paint celebrities’ portraits. Her favorite activities are biking and playing volleyball with Benhauer’s team..

Grzegorz Stanek – Beginning from 2013, he actively co-creates SALESmanago in Benhauer as the Senior Product Manager. He has an eye for marketing automation implementation statistics. His other field is rolling… nori rolling. As an alternative career path, he’d chose to be a sushi maker. He studied at WSziB and AGH in Cracow. In his quality time, he searches the interesting figures in Polish history, and rules his private island while playing his favourite game, “Tropico.”

Weronika Witkowska – Weronika joined Benhauer a year ago. She started as the account manager, responsible for a complex service of one of our clients. Now she is a Team Leader. She studies E-Economy at the University of Science and Technology. She loves to observe people and analyze their behavior. She’s into American and Italian culture and the history of arts.

Natalia Rex – Natalia is from Tarnobrzeg but lived for a long time in the USA. During her university years, she taught photography, web design and worked for the university paper. After coming back to Poland, in July 2015, she started to work at Benhauer. Now she leads the Projects for International Clients team. She is interested in mixed media art and photo manipulation.

Katarzyna Rejdych – Comes from Chrzanow and has been working at SALESmanago since January 2015. First she assisted clients and in the meantime developed our support and wiki. She also educated clients and conducted webinars. Today Kasia works in Customer Experience & Education department, developing the software and creating new UX functionalities. She still educates our Customer Service. If she finds a free time, she swims and dives.

Tomasz Świątek – Tomek is cheerful and always ready to help. Has been working in Marketing Automation Consulting since January 2015 and is responsible also for supporting APPmanago clients. Comes from Chrzanow. Graduated in Psychology. Sings in the rock band. Can’t imagine life without beef. His sense of humor successfully compensate for the missing hair.

Hubert Olszowski – Meet Hubert, a thrill searching incurable optimist from Klaj. In SALESmanago, he works as a caring project supervisor since August ‘15. He’s responsible for implementing automation processes. Moreover, he’s self-taught graphic designer, who continuously improves his knowledge of the internet marketing and social media. Loves skiing, football and Polish history. Claims that the best relax is among the loved ones.

Dawid Dabrowski – Dawid has been working at Benhauer for 18 months as a software developer. Has been involved in all our projects: SALESmanago, APPmanago, Marketingmatic and NextGen. Is interested in software engineering and believes in agile methods and clean code. In his free time does Air Downhill.

Kamil Chlebek –

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  String surname = "Chlebek";
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  String comesFrom = "Rabka - Zdrój";
  String[] doing = {"appmanago", "nextgen", "salesmanago"};
  String[] likes = {"minions", "cooking"};

  public String humour(String question) {
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    return "good";

Paweł Sakowicz – Born and raised in Cracow. He thinks that life is like stock market – there will always be raises and falls, so all we can do is to get used to it and learn how to face it. To his passions he includes sports like tennis and footbal, exotic voyages, Bieszczady mountains and internet memes.

Piotr Wrona – Has been working at Benhauer since April 2014 and manages international Partners Channel in the sales department. He came to Cracow from Tarnow and studied International Relations at Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski University. He is a devoted U2 fan – he was at their concerts 7 times. He also likes to play guitar and sing (U2, obviously).

Ania Polaczy – Ania comes from Sulkow – a small town near Opole. As it has only one street, it is the only place in the Earth where she doesn’t get lost, she claims. This Silesian University graduate works in our Marketing Automation Consulting Department since March 2015. She looks for individually tailored solutions for our clients and actively creates marketing automation strategies. She’s always smiling and positively open for what life brings her. Even after hours, she’s got her mind set on work. She loves to cook for the others, exerciset, and occasionally she enjoys horror movies.

Milena Kuźnicka – Milena started her career in Benhauer in March 2014 in the Sales department, but after 3 months she became a Dynamic Email and Recommendation System Specialist. Today she experiments with Java. She has graduated from the Applied Computing at the AGH, and comes from Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski. Although Milena’s hobby is to travel, her time is devoured by discovering the world of IT.

Michał Janas – This constantly happy and smiling international handball referee was born in Tarnow, but in 2005, he moved to live and work in Cracow. In 2013, Michał decided to tie his professional pathway with SALESmanago, where he works in the foreign partner’s channel in the Sales Department. He loves to travel, so he chose the career that allowed it. His life motto is: „new is always better.”

Paweł Kapusta – Before landing in Benhauer in April 2015, he tried his hand at many fields, mostly between sales and sale management. In the private life, he’s tied with sports in many aspects. Today he is active football and swimming coach. Another activity he performs is coding and programming, and thus working in our company and contact with our IT team perfectly meets his expectation.

Dagmara Zilska – Dagmara showed up in Benhauer on 04.27.2015, and she is the Project Manager since that day. Her main task in the office is to develop the best possible relationships with clients and provide them the best support. She comes from Psary and graduated from Social Communication at the Jagiellonian University. Her greatest hobby is to travel and discover the everyday life of people from different cultures. Also a huge movies and white chocolate fan.

Jan Galas – Janek works in Benhauer since December 2014. After 3 months of work, he was transferred from Sales to Marketing. He is a master of periodical activities such as mailings and webinar invitation sending. Moreover, he is specialist in all technical aspects of our marketing actions. Janek, a history graduate was born in Cracow, calls himself a board and computer games nerd. His positive energy and genuine smile are truly contagious.

Magdalena Derela – “If you have a problem ask Magda!” This simple phrase sums up perfectly our Office Manager. She has been woriking with us since May 2015. She was born in Cracow. Magda is always helpful and guides colleagues through bureaucracy with a smile on her face. After hours, she is a genuine bookworm.

Łukasz Jordan – Łukasz comes form picturesque Myślenice – a small town near Krakow. Currently a student of economics at the University of Economics. A colorful career in Benhauer began in March 2016 where he serves good advice and support for business customers. Passionate about sport, especially football (although the surname may be misleading). In the past, a player in Dalin Myślenice, currently only an amateur. Owner of artistic soul, has „unusual” sense of humor and a positive attitude whom he can infects everyone around.

Maja Kowalska – Maja is the one man band and a genuine Quicksilver (and also: geologist). Born in Kielce, in love with Cracow (but still refuses to speak Roman while in Rome). Dedicated to the APPmanago project since November 2015. After 10 months still calls it her troublesome yet lovable child. Runs two blogs, creates social media ads concepts, educates, and consults content doubts Sherlock-style. Lately, she took care of the all company’s content. In her opinion, her position should be named: Miracle Manager, Time Lord and Chaos Rider.

Justyna Sokołowska – Currently she is a final-year postgraduate student of Environmental Engineering at the AGH University of Science and Technology. She works for SALESmanago as a Project Manager since June 2016. She is also an amateur graphic and interior designer. In her spare time she loves to spend time with her family in Rzeszow. Her hobbies are reading books, traveling and extreme sports . She sees her future in e-commerce business.

Head office

BENHAUER Sp. z o.o.
21 Grzegórzecka St.
31-532 Cracow
KRS 0000395626
ph: +48 531 756 629

SALESmanago, Warsaw Office
2/53 Grzybowska St.
00-131 Warsaw
ph: +48 535 207 005

SALESmanago, UK Office
Suite 635 MK Business Centre
Milton Keynes MK14 6GD, Foxhunter Drive, Linford Wood
United Kingdom
ph: +44 78 7774 5692

SALESmanago, German Headquarters
Rosenstraße 17, 10178 Berlin
ph: +49 174 1669 242

SALESmanago, US Office
85 Broad St.
New York, NY 10004
United States of America
ph: +1 212 470 9247


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