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Intelligent texts in SALESmanago allow you to personalize your communication with every individual prospect in real time on the basis of the prospect’s profile and your current product offer. SALESmanago as a Marketing Automation solution combines the option of sending personalized content with advanced mailing rules, which will enable you to direct spot messages to targeted recipients at the optimum time.

Available features

  • Bulk SMS messaging
  • Personalized content and sending time
  • SMS autoresponders
  • Two-way communication
  • Opt-in and opt-out mechanism for mobile messages 

Examples of use

  • Just-in-time promotion – text messages with discount codes sent at the moment when a prospect lands on your website
  • Notifications on dropped shopping carts including discount and voucher codes for aborted purchase actions
  • Notifications on promotions delivered to a selected group of recipients
  • Appointment reminders, notifications on pending deadlines – insurance payments, scheduled car maintenance and repairs
  • Two-way, multi-channel communication with your prospects – a sales proposition is sent as an SMS message while details of the offer are delivered by email following the prospect’s positive response sent from their mobile device

Effects of use

  • Automated SMS mailing at the most opportune time
  • Automated mailing restricted to genuinely interested prospects
  • Savings on SMS Marketing operations
  • Automated two-way communication

Customer Reference

„Marketing Automation supports many marketing actions of the company and it performs all tasks automatically. We really like the e-mail creator. You can use templates, which makes creating e-mails quick and efficient.”
Anna Wojtan, Marketing Specialist – Dekordia

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